Bring me out, bring me in
I dreamed of you again and again
Beneath a sky of midnight blue
A starry night, a dream come true
I had a dream of you dancing with me
Dancing around a volcano
The fire flow would guide us
Somewhere back to the earth.
I saw you standing there
In this world so vast
Sing me a song about the moon
And I will be yours
We'll dance among the stars
Our souls will merge
We'll share a kiss
Like two humans
I will date you on the next rainy day
We'll run away to a new world
We could get married, darling, like humans
We could have children
I will date you on the next rainy day
We'll run away to another planet
We could drive through the night
We could survive
The moon will be our witness
The stars will shine brighter
We'll dance under the stars
In this universe,like humans do
We'll dance in the rain, hand in hand
The rain is falling
Don’t be afraid I will hold you
Like human.
I know that love between us seems impossible
But We'll face the unknown
The raindrops kiss our skin
I got feeling now
Our love will be wild be blind
We'll find a home, to settle down
Like human
I will love you
like human
So let the rain fall
let my heart beating
We will get married
We will have children
So let me love you
Like human